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Covid-19 in UAE: New rules on going out and more
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DUBAI – The UAE has taken stricter measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by further expanding the National Disinfection Programme (NDP).

Launched on March 26, the programme has been continued “subject to period assessment” as the country takes preventive measures against the coronavirus pandemic. During the period, traffic and public movement are restricted as health teams conduct wider testing, particularly in heavily populated areas, and sanitation teams disinfect roads and public utilities.

How does this impact citizens and residents? Here’s all you need to know

During the National Disinfection Programme (NDP), when are we not allowed to leave our homes?

As of April 23, the public is not allowed to leave their home from 10pm to 6am, except for medical emergencies.

What if I need to go out during this period?

As of April 23, you may only leave your home for medical emergencies.

Is there a specific rule in Dubai to leave our homes during the NDP?

Dubai residents must obtain prior permission before they leave their homes. They must apply for a permit at

Do we need a permit to go out from 6am to 10pm?

No. Individuals may leave their homes between 6am and 10pm without a permit.

Who can go out to work any time?

Companies can allow a maximum of 30 percent of their workforce to work in the office, while the rest will be required to work from home, as of new directives on April 23.

What are the new commercial activities that have permission to operate during the NDP?

Dubai Economic Department has outlined the commercial activities and businesses in Dubai that have permission to operate during this period. It includes the following commercial activities:

– Meat Trading
– Fruits & Vegetables Trading
– Roaster
– Mills
– Fish Trading
– Coffee Trading
– Tea Trading
– Nuts, Chocolate and Sweets Trading located in shopping malls only

Can I visit supermarkets, groceries and pharmacies anytime?

Yes, but make sure to keep your receipt in case of any random inspection, and wear gloves and a mask or risk being fined Dh1,000. If you live in Dubai, you need to get prior permit (see details above) and only one member of your household can get a permit to go out.

Can I still order food?

Yes. Restaurants and food outlets are allowed to open but dine-in customers must occupy only a maximum of 30 percent of the outlet’s capacity.

What is the fine for those unnecessarily leaving their home during the disinfection period?

The fine for anyone who steps out of their home but is not exempted from the movement restriction is Dh3,000.

Is there public transport during the disinfection period?

Public transport services will resume on April 26, with the Dubai Metro service to operate from 7am too 11pm.  For taxis, a maximum of two passengers are allowed.Water transport, tram, limousine, and car sharing services will continue to be suspended. Also, make sure you are wearing a mask when riding public transport or risk being fined Dh1,000.

Traffic radars flashed as I was driving during the National Disinfection Programme. What should I do?

If you needed to go out because you bought food or medicine or worked in approved sectors, then make sure to keep your receipt and Move permit to reverse the fine when you contest it later.

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