At a Covid-19 testing center by SEHA in the UAE.


New list of fines in UAE during Covid-19 outbreak

Updated on May 18


DUBAI – UAE authorities have announced heftier fines for violators of the coronavirus curfew and social distancing measures.

Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Head of the Public Prosecution for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters, said authorities will be imposing stricter penalties and fines on violators.

“We have noticed reckless behaviour from certain individuals, violating instructions,” he said.

“It appears that some people in society are being irresponsible and the insistence of some on not respecting what is requested, thus the public prosecutor has amended the list of fines and penalties.”

Al Zaabi said repeat offenders face a minimum Dh100,000 fine and maximum six-month prison sentence. He also said the media will be able to publicly name violators.

Here is the full list of fines


– Ignoring instructions of home quarantine

– Avoiding repeat test for Covid-19

– Violating coronavirus measures (for educational institutions, cinemas, gym, open stores, parks, beaches, pools, supermarkets)

– Refusing to be hospitalized

– Refusing to take prescribed medicine


– Holding private classes


– Hacking the Move Permit website and government app

– Fine for person in charge of establishment without thermal camera

– Publishing private patient information


– Organising gatherings, meetings, private and public celebrations

– Damaging or losing smart devices

– Failing to take proper care of ship crew


– Participating in gatherings

– For companies or the person in charge where employees don’t wear masks

– Fine for person in charge of educational institutions, cinemas, gym, open stores, parks, beaches, pools, supermarkets violating coronavirus measures

– Refusing a medical test upon request

– Breaching sterilization measures

– Participating in gatherings at public places or private farms

– For drivers who fail to maintain hygiene in public transport


– Breaking the curfew

– Traveling with more than 3 people in car (families excluded)

– Not wearing mask in public

– Not adhering to social distancing

– Unnecessarily leaving home, except to perform vital jobs or to buy food or medicine

– Failure to observe health measures on roads, markets, public places

– Failing to take proper health measures regarding regulation of supermarkets and other places exempted from temporally closure

– Refusing an order to dispose of any item, clothes, luggage or others proved to be contaminated or possibly contaminated by any pathogen if they can’t be disinfected by established procedures

– Failing to properly transport or bury a dead body infected with a communicable disease


– Arriving from a country with an outbreak and ignoring orders issued by the Ministry of Health

– Leaving home with no important work or genuine reason


– Unnecessary visit to hospitals, health facilities

– Throwing away used facemark and gloves in public (with additional penalty of six black points for motorists)


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– Not wearing a facemask in the office

– Visiting public places

– Visiting establishments that are ordered closed (educational institutions, cinemas, gyms, sports clubs, malls, outdoor markets, parks, cafés, shopping centres)

Legal action

– Violators caught on their third offence will be referred to the federal Emergency and Crisis Prosecution.

Coronavirus in UAE: Rule on facemask clarified

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