Dubai jails Gulf expat for assaulting hotel guests, setting fire to apartment

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A Gulf citizen is now in jail after he assaulted eight people and set fire to an apartment in a popular hotel in Dubai.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the man to one year in jail, and ordered his mobile phone to be confiscated. Two lawsuits against him will be referred to the civil court.

The court heard that the Gulf citizen made a live broadcast on Instagram where he told family members that they were frauds. He also accused an Arab man and woman of being sorcerers. A melee ensued with guests in his hotel apartment, and he assaulted eight people, including his family members.

He then tried to jump off the balcony of his hotel apartment, but was stopped by his sister, whom he assaulted. He then went to the bathroom and set fire to a towel in the bathtub.

When the hotel’s fire alarm was activated, hotel security personnel tried to enter the apartment, but the man blocked the door with a billiards table. The sprinkler system was also activated in the room, which extinguished the fire.

The man was arrested by Dubai Police officers who broke into the apartment. A medical report showed that he had inhaled gas that caused depression. ICA/Expat Media

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