Dubai begins campaign to remove abandoned vehicles

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Picture for illustrative purposes only. DUBAI MUNICIPALITY

The Dubai Municipality has launched a campaign to track and remove abandoned vehicles across the emirate.

The campaign targets registration and testing centres in Dubai, including Warsan Registration Centre, Al-Qusais Registration Centre, Shamil Muhaisnah Vehicle Testing and Registration Centre, Wasel Vehicles Testing Nadd Al Hammar, Tamam Vehicle Centre, Al Awir Motor Show, Al-Barsha Registration Centre, Al Mumayaz Vehicle Testing, and Wasel Al Jadaf Centre.

Recently, authorities placed warnings on 68 abandoned vehicles, while owners of 30 vehicles abandoned in parking lots and courtyards were sent an SMS.

Saeed Safar, Director of Waste Operations Department at Dubai Municipality, said that a monitoring team was also dispatched to track neglected equipment, as well as trailers and boats.

The campaign begins with issuing a warning to remove an abandoned vehicle within 3 to 15 days. For vehicles with Dubai number plates, an SMS will be issued to the owner to remove the vehicle before it will be impounded.

Impounded vehicles that are left unclaimed will be auctioned off through the Committee for the Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles. ICA/Expat Media

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