Ras Al Khaimah Police warns residents of dangers of drowning

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As more residents take to the beach to cool off this summer, Ras Al Khaimah Police on Monday (July 8) launched its summer safety awareness campaign on the dangers of drowning.

In a video, Ras Al Khaimah Police urged parents to keep a close eye when bringing their children to the beach. “Attention and preventive measures [are] your safeguard against drowning,” according to Ras Al Khaimah Police.

In the role-play video, two boys are seen wading into the water, with one of the boys eventually venturing  out to swim in deeper waters. He is then seen struggling and drowning. The other boy quickly alerts a man, presumed to be their father, who then rushes to save the drowning boy.

Drowning is among the leading causes of deaths in the UAE. Authorities have repeatedly warned the public to observe safety precautions when at the beach or swimming pools, including simple steps like watching children and minors at all times, going in a group or pairs when swimming, and never swimming against a rip current or during bad weather. ICA/Expat Media

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