UAE police issue 6 guidelines for motorists during summer months

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The Abu Dhabi Police has issued six guidelines for motorists during the summer months as part of its Safe Summer campaign.

The police force urged motorists to adopt safe driving measures to enhance their safety on the roads during the summer season.

According to police, motorists must observe six guidelines: first is to check their vehicle’s fluid levels and ensure that they have safety tools available in the vehicle. Failure to take safety precautions when a car breaks down is punishable with a Dh500 fine under the UAE traffic law.

Abu Dhabi Police also urged motorists not to drive while their car’s steering wheel is hot, and to ensure that their vehicle’s tyre pressure and condition are safe for roads, especially during the summer heat. Under the UAE Federal Traffic Law, driving a vehicle that does not abide by safety standards will result in a Dh500 fine. Driving a vehicle that is not road-worth also results in a Dh500 fine.

Motorists must also ensure that they do not leave combustible items inside their vehicle, such as batteries, hand sanitizers, perfumes, gas bottles, lighters and aerosols. Police also advised motorists to try to always park their car in shaded places. The police force urged the public to help report security incidents by calling 8002626.

Car fires and burst tyres are one of the common causes of car-related accidents in the UAE. Last year alone, there were 1,396 car fire incidents, according to the Ministry of Interior. ICA/Expat Media

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