A car is towed to the Dubai Police Impound Yard in Warsan 3, Dubai.


What happens when your car is impounded in Dubai?


DUBAI – Authorities are regularly checking public parking lots and neighbourhoods in Dubai to seize and impound vehicles that have been abandoned or neglected by their owners.

Impounded vehicles end up in the Dubai Police Impound Yard in Warsan 3, just near International City. Hundreds of cars are kept here, waiting for their owners to claim them.

The Dubai Police works with Emirates Auction to find abandoned vehicles and tow them to the impound yard.

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Speaking to, an Emirates Auction employee said there are many reasons a car may be towed: traffic violations such as expired registration, criminal cases, or if the car is dirty or in a state of disrepair. Cars that are kept in the same public parking spot for months will also be towed, the Emirates Auction employee said.

So what do you do in case your car gets towed in Dubai?

First of all, you can go to the Emirates Auction center at the Dubai Police Impound Yard in Warsan 3 to confirm if your car has been towed.

If confirmed that your vehicle has been towed to the impound yard, you will need to visit the Dubai Police Traffic Department (there is one in Warsan 2) to pay your traffic fines.

The Dubai Police will require you to pay all traffic fines under your name, which means that if you have multiple vehicles, you will need to pay the fines under all your vehicles.

After the fines are paid, you will be asked to go to the Criminal Investigation Department within the station to get a police clearance.

When you are issued the police clearance, you can head back to the Emirates Auction center at the Dubai Police Impound Yard.

You will pay towing charges of Dh500, plus Dh20 per day that your vehicle was kept in the yard. Service fees for other light vehicles and heavy vehicles will vary.

After payment of the fees, your vehicle will be released back to you.

What happens to unclaimed impounded cars in Dubai?

Impounded cars in Dubai are kept in the impound yard for verification and claim by the owner. If it is not recovered by the owner after six months, it will be sold by auction. ICA/Expat Media

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