UAE residents warned against new job scams

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The Ras Al Khaimah Police has issued a warning over job scams doing the rounds on social media and targeting unknowing UAE residents.

According to police, scammers post fake jobs online to lure potential victims who are then recruited to do sales management tasks where they receive and transfer funds to other bank accounts.

The victims are given rewards for completed tasks, not knowing that they are involved in illegal funds.

Getting paid to like YouTube videos? It’s a scam

Residents have also complained of another job scam targeting WhatsApp and Telegram users and recruiting them to watch videos on YouTube in order to get paid “Dh10 to Dh100” for watching the video and liking it.

According to researchers at BitDefender Labs, the scam starts with cybercriminals inviting random users on WhatsApp and Telegram to earn extra income by watching and liking videos on YouTube.

“In fact, this is not the first time the scammers have tried to pitch this type of scam to consumers in search for extra income. What makes this campaign different from previous iterations is that victims actually get paid something, a highly successful tactic that earns their trust, and plays an important role in convincing the users to ‘invest’ in becoming VIP members that will help them earn even more easy money on simple tasks such as liking videos on YouTube,” Nicolae Postolachi, Manager at Bitdefender’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab explained.

After sending the “proof” of the completed the task, the victim is asked to provide their personal and payment details and they are quickly paid an initial amount to gain their trust. Thereafter, the scammer then tries to lure the victims with bigger payments if they “invest” their money by joining a VIP group with a hefty fee. Once the fee is paid, the victim is then blocked from the WhatsApp or Telegram conversation, with no way of getting their money back.

Police in the UAE have repeatedly warned jobseekers against responding to unsolicited emails, calls or messages, saying these are parts of various schemes that scammers use to lure victims.

Police are urging the public to report scammers by calling the police hotline of their emirate or by going to the nearest police station.

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