Dubai to completely ban single-use plastic, paper bags from June 1

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Starting from June 1, 2024, single-use plastic bags as well as paper bags will be completely banned from stores in Dubai, the Dubai Municipality has announced.

Currently, customers are charged 25 fils for each plastic bag they use at checkout counters in shops and grocery stores. However, this will be completely stopped starting June 1, according to Dubai Municipality.

The authority is urging shoppers to “make the switch to reusable cloth bags” instead of using plastic bags as part of a wider Dubai initiative to phase-out single-use products by 2026.

What’s included in Dubai’s plastic bag ban?

According to the Dubai Municipality, single-use bags thinner than 57 micrometers will be banned, including plastic bags, and even paper bags, bags made from biodegradable plant materials, and biodegradable bags.

What are exempted from the plastic bag ban?

Single-use bags exempted from the ban are bags that are 58 micrometres thick and above, including plastic bags for wrapping vegetables, meat, fish and chicken; bread bags and garbage bags. ICA/Expat Media

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