Dubai Police returns tourist’s wallet before he realized it was lost

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At the Dubai International Airport. Picture for illustrative purposes only. EXPAT MEDIA

A European tourist who did not realize that he lost his wallet received a pleasant surprise after Dubai Police returned his wallet to him.

Brigadier Khalfan Obaid Al Jallaf, Director of Dubai Tourist Police, said the tourist was on his way to the airport and was unaware that he left his wallet behind in the taxi. It was the taxi driver who alerted police that he found a wallet that a passenger left behind.

Dubai Tourist Police were able to track down the owner of the wallet, a European man who was on his way back to his home country. Police then returned the wallet to him.

The tourist thanked police and the taxi driver who found his wallet, which contained money and important documents.

Brigadier Al Jallaf also praised the Dubai Tourist Police for their work, and the honest taxi driver who cooperated with Sharjah Police to hand over the wallet that he found.

The police official urged the public to contact the Dubai Tourist Police for help, inquiry, comments or suggestions by calling 901, sending an email to or via Dubai Police smart app. ICA/Expat Media

Why you should call 901 instead of 999

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