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11 UAE entry visas available for expats, visitors

Significant reforms have made it easier for people to live, visit, and look for work in the UAE for a longer amount of time without the need for a sponsor or host.

Since 2022, the UAE implemented many changes to its regulations, including the introduction of new visa categories. Here is your guide to the UAE’s visa reforms:

Golden visa

Foreigners can live, work, and study in the UAE without needing a local sponsor for 10 years. Additionally, they retain complete ownership of their businesses. A bearer of a Golden visa can renew the residency visa for an additional ten years, unlike ordinary expats who must do so every two to three years.

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Visit visa

After submitting a document attesting to the relationship and justification for the visit, people can apply to visit a friend or family residing in the UAE. Only a deposit is needed; no sponsor is required.

Multi-entry tourist visa

Tourists can enter the UAE many times during the year for 90 days with this five-year multiple-entry visa, which can be renewed for an additional 90 days. The entire period of stay should not exceed 180 days in one year. Read more

Jobseeker visa

Individuals can visit the UAE to look into job, investment, and business opportunities without requiring a sponsor or host. This visa is available to recent graduates of the top 500 universities worldwide. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent should be the applicant’s minimal level of education.

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Transit visa

The UAE offers two different types of transit visas: one is free for 48 hours, and the other costs Dh50 for 96 hours. This visa is not extendable and is issued by airlines located in the UAE.

GCC residents e-visa

Residents of the GCC countries and their family members are eligible for this visa. The GCC resident’s passport must also be valid for at least three months from the date of arrival in addition to the GCC residency.

Business exploration visa

Without a host or sponsor, this visa enables temporary admission for individuals to investigate investment and business prospects in the UAE. Only a deposit is needed.

Medical treatment entry visa

This is available through sponsorship of a medical facility with a UAE license. The sponsored establishment must write a letter and provide a certified medical report. Deposit and medical insurance must be secured.

Study visa

Institutions in the UAE that provide education, training, or research have sponsored this visa.

Temporary work mission visa

This is the perfect choice for temporary employees on projects or a probationary term. Suppose the sponsor falls under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s guidelines or the applicant is a domestic worker. In that case, they must submit a temporary employment contract, medical exam, and approval from the Ministry.

Diplomatic affairs visa

Holders of diplomatic, special, and UN passports are eligible for this entry permit. It may be issued by UAE consulates and embassies abroad.

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