Five faces of PNP’s “Bato” you don’t see often


New Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa talks tough and walks the talk, but there’s a softer side to the police officer that the public doesn’t often get to see.

The 54-year-old Dela Rosa, also known as “Bato” (rock) was catapulted to national fame after he was handpicked by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to head the police hierarchy.

What does he have to say about his newfound star status?

Ronald Dela Rosa

“Kapoy mag artista. Di lalim (It’s not easy to be an artist),” he captioned this photo with a cardboard cutout of action star Vin Diesel in the background.

We agree. Now we can’t decide who looks better bald—Rock or Diesel.

Although, it looks like the answer to that question is obvious in this photo.

Ronald Dela Rosa

“Bok, naay forever (Bok, forever exists),” Dela Rosa said in this Facebook photo of the silver wedding anniversary of his “snappy mistah” Eddie Benigay from Philippine Military Academy’s Sinagtala class 1986.

Dela Rosa is a romantic, alright. He was even photographed holding his wife’s hand as he dozed off after what he described was a tiring day at work.


“Yung kahit pagod na pagod ka na sa trabaho, holding hands pa rin (When you are very tired from work and you still hold hands),” he wrote in the caption of this photo on Facebook, adding, “Your wife is your real boss.”

He signed off with “4-star general BATO and 5-star general wife.”

So, when he’s not holding his wife’s hand, or a high-powered gun, he is holding…

Ronald Dela Rosa

So the Rock is a candy crusher. Even hardworking police officers deserve a break, too. Here’s Bato showing Arnold Clavio of TV show Unang Hirit that he can cook up a lot of surprises, literally. That maruya (banana fritters) looks delish!

Ronald Dela Rosa


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