Chicking Winter Bucket: UAE party deal for less than Dh90


DUBAI – This holiday season, Chicking is giving UAE foodies the chance to throw a quick party without spending a fortune with its Winter Bucket deals.

The Winter Buckets have four combinations of Chicking’s most popular meals, including its special chicken, spaghetti and pizza. Foodies can choose their chicken fried spicy or original, or grilled.

For those who love Chicking’s sweet and savoury spaghetti and tropical-inspired pizza, the Winter Spaghetti Pizza Meal deal inclues a spaghetti platter, big Hawaiian pizza and 10 pieces of chicken strips, with three servings of white rice, gravy, plus large fries and cola for Dh85.75.

For chicken lovers, the Winter Party Bucket Meal packs plenty of value with 15 pieces of Chicking’s special chicken plus 5 pieces of chicken strips, with a side of large fries, coleslaw, five buns and cola for the same price of Dh85.75.

The Winter Spaghetti Chicken Meal also offers a great deal for only Dh75.75 and includes six pieces of special chicken and spaghetti platter, three servings of Chicking’s extra creamy fruit salad, with large fries, three servings of white rice and gravy, and cola.

Chicken lovers can also go for the Dh62.75 Winter Chicken Bucket Meal with 9 pieces of Chicking’s special chicken, five pieces of chicken strips, large fries and coleslaw, with three buns and a litre of cola. PR/Expat Media


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