O! Millionaire: Here are the winning numbers for Dh100 million grand prize

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The winning numbers during the O! Millionaire draw on April 18, 2024.

The grand prize for O! Millionaire hit its threshold of Dh100 million on Thursday (April 18) on its 101th raffle draw.

The winning numbers are 1, 5, 15, 25, 29, 32 and 44. Meanwhile, a Dh100,000 prize was given to the holder of Green Certificate ID WNKD BPGB. Watch the draw here:

The grand prize on Thursday is considered one of the biggest prizes in the region’s history and will be awarded to the participant who correctly guessed all seven winning numbers. The prize could also double to Dh200,000 if the winner previously selected the Double and Secure the Grand Prize option when a Green Certificate was purchased. Find out more here:

So far, the grand prize remains unclaimed, but O! Millionaire organizers note that hundreds of people have won minor cash prizes through the raffle draw. While O! Millionaire has paused its operations in the UAE, it remains open to participants outside the country.

About O! Millionaire

The O! Millionaire is a multi-platform draw that offers exciting prizes to participants on a weekly basis. It is the greenest draw on Earth, aiming to improve lives and make dreams come true for winners, all while creating Oasis Park – a state-of-the-art greener reality where millions of trees are expected to thrive. A Green Certificate worth Dh25 purchased via omillionaire.com serves as an entry to the draw while also contributing to tree-planting efforts at Oasis Park. The live draw takes place every Thursday at 8pm.

Matching all seven winning numbers takes the grand prize. A second prize of Dh500,000 is also up for grabs for anyone matching six out of seven winning numbers. The minimum numbers to match is three out of seven in order to win a prize. Winners can quickly check their prizes at omillionaire.com/wallet. ICA/Expat Media

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