Dubai: Video of Filipino couple stranded at IKEA during floods goes viral

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The Filipino couple stranded in IKEA Dubai on April 16, 2024. LEANNE MARRIE

A video a Filipino couple stranded at IKEA Dubai during last week’s floods has gone viral on social media.

In an Instagram post, Leanne Marrie shared how her parents tried to return to their home in Fujairah before the couple was caught in massive flooding in Dubai during the April 16 rain.

Leanne said roads were flooded outside her mother’s office in Dubai, which prompted her parents to seek shelter at the nearby IKEA Dubai, where they also had dinner. The couple eventually spent the night there as heavy rain and flooded roads prevailed across the emirates.

In the caption, Leanne revealed that the couple were the last customers there and that when staff found out that her parents planned to sleep in their car, they offered to accommodate them in the store. Leanne said that IKEA Dubai management provided her parents with a bed to sleep on, and a set of toiletries and snacks. They were also given free breakfast the next morning.

The Fujairah resident thanked staff at IKEA Dubai for taking care of her parents, saying she and her family were very worried about them being stranded during the deluge.

The video on Instagram has generated a lot of comments, with many people applauding IKEA Dubai for accommodating the couple. Others playfully called it a “dream staycation” and wished they would be “stuck in IKEA” too in case another adverse weather hits.

Watch the video here:

Hundreds of residents were left stranded in the heavy flooding across Dubai and other emirates following heavy rain that hit the country on April 16. Among them were motorists who slept on the road for over 12 hours, a Filipina who was forced to sleep overnight in Mall of Emirates, and a Filipino who spent over 12 hours at a Dubai Metro station. They told Expat Media that the ordeal was certainly a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”. ICA/Expat Media

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