Filipino stranded at Dubai Metro station for over 12 hours

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A composite image of Greg Paje while stranded at a Dubai Metro station from April 16 to 17, 2024.

A Filipino in Dubai was stranded at a Dubai Metro station for more than 12 hours after heavy rain lashed the city and caused widespread flooding.

Speaking to Expat Media, Greg Paje said he was finally rescued by a friend at 6am on Wednesday (April 17), after spending more than 12 hours at Dubai Internet City Metro Station. Many roads were still waterlogged on their way to his home in Discovery Gardens, which he said also suffered from flooding.

Paje, who works as Revenue Cycle Management administrator for Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai, said he was stranded at Dubai Internet City Metro Station from 5pm on Tuesday, when the continuous downpour in Dubai flooded key roads and establishments, including parts of Sheikh Zayed Road and some Metro stations.

“It was my first time to be stranded at the metro station. I just had a piece of bread and water for dinner,” said Paje, who decided to wait out the weather at a quiet corner in the upper floor of the Metro station.

“There were more than a hundred of us stranded there at one point, but the others decided to just walk home. At one point I was so desperate to leave that I considered walking home, but I decided against the idea because I didn’t know which roads were safe to take and they were probably flooded, too,” Paje said.

The Filipino said his brother and his friend tried to rescue him until past midnight, but that flooded roads made it impossible to reach him. “A lot of cars were also stranded on flooded roads, so I said it was safer for everyone to just stay put, and I’ll just wait at the Metro station,” Paje said.

The Filipino said he declined his brother’s suggestion that he check in at a hotel just across the Sheikh Zayed Road. “I checked the website and the room was nearly Dh700 per night. I said it was not practical,” he said.

Paje said he just took it as a “challenge” to stay at the Dubai Metro station overnight despite being “tired, stressed and hungry”. Trying to keep himself busy, Paje, who is also known as content creator Mang Goryo, made a quick video update of his ordeal, which he posted at around 1:27am.

“My friend was finally able to reach me by car at past 6am because the flood had somehow receded in some areas. He told me that he really tried to drive here before midnight but that the floodwater was quite high in some areas and he couldn’t drive through,” Paje told Expat Media.

“On our way home, we passed by many cars that were stranded on the road. I also saw many trees that had fallen in our neighbourhood, even the parking areas were flooded,” he said.

The Filipino said he was still thankful that he survived the ordeal without any injury. “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful,” he mused. PIA/ICA/Expat Media


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