Blue Visa in UAE: Which jobs could get you 10-year residency

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The UAE recently launched a Blue Residency Visa for individuals who have made a significant contribution to environment protection and sustainable practices.

The Blue Visa is expected to attract talents in areas of sustainability as well as generate employment opportunities for them, said Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. It will also help qualified UAE residents, freelancers and consultants secure their stay in the country.

The Blue Visa is granted to supporters of environmental action, including members of international organisations, international companies, members of associations and non-governmental organisations, global award winners, and distinguished activists and researchers in environmental work, including Emiratis and expats who are advocates of environment protection.

Which specific jobs qualify you for the new 10-year visa? If your work is related to environment protection, whether in marine life, land-based ecosystems, or air quality, sustainability technologies, the circular economy, or related fields, then you qualify for the visa. This include, but is not limited to roles as environmental researchers, environmental scientists, environmental engineers, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) managers, officers and staffers.

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The National Registry of Environmental Professionals has listed 11 most in-demand green jobs that will surely qualify you for the UAE’s new Blue Visa.

Conservation scientists

Most people interested in this field focus on agricultural science, environmental science, or forestry. Conservation scientists manage forests and parks and monitor them for ongoing sustainability while identifying habitats that are at risk.

Environmental consultant

Environmental consultants marry scientific knowledge with an awareness of the regulatory landscape to perform tasks such identifying water, air and land contamination, providing guidance on human health and safety, assisting with the implementation of green building practices and advising on waste management policies.

Air quality engineer

Air quality engineers focus on maintaining clear indoor air quality or in remediating contaminated sites. Related tasks may include completing statistical modeling and ensuring that businesses comply with governmental regulations.

Safety technician

These professionals inspect workplaces to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations and identifying potential hazards in manufacturing, construction or energy.

Compliance manager

Compliance managers ensure that organizations adhere to environmental laws and regulations. Their work involves developing company policies, conducting audits, training staff, and investigating any incidents of non-compliance.

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

CSOs help set corporate policy for their company and supply chain operations to adopt more environmentally friendly products and practices.

Energy analyst

These environmental professionals monitor energy markets, track energy data, make efficiency projections, and offer recommendations based on those projections


Geoscientists conduct primary research and reports that are used by other professionals to locate deposits of natural resources and other environmental tops. They also make geologic maps and charts.

Renewable energy consultant

Renewable energy consultants help clients or employers to understand their current energy requirements and how they can best add renewable energy sources into their power mix.

Farm and fishery manager

Those who work in this field usually have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, fisheries science, or a related field. The job involves overseeing and monitoring daily farming and fishery operations and implementing environmentally-friendly farming or fishing practices.

Natural resources specialist

These professionals often work in governmental entities or universities, and their job is to monitor various environmental resources, examine environmental impacts, and make recommendations for restoring ailing areas. ICA/Expat Media

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