At The Carnaval at Global Village.


Global Village rides and surprises you can’t miss


DUBAI – With travel off the cards for many of us this year, there’s still some adventure to explore with carnival rides—from Sydney to Manila—at Global Village.

We list six of the rides at The Carnaval that caught our eye:

Manila Mayhem

Something new this year is Manila Mayhem. The spinning flying saucer stealthily packs enough fun and mayhem to take you on a real Thrilla in Manila.

Fly France

If you’ve dreamt of becoming an airshow pilot, here’s your chance. Expect some crazy glides, mid-air flips and aerial stunts when you get on Fly France. Do we hear a “oui”?

Miami Surf

Get ready for a literal splash! This 240-metre wild river ride is a pure roller coaster adventure on water!

Jamaica Drum

Ya, man. You’ll be shaken on this crazy ride that is definitely not for the faint hearted. The Jamica Drum will take you upside down as it spins, flips at 360-degrees and then falls to leave you feeling like the beads in a maraca.

Thai Twist

If you’re still building up the courage to stand the tallest drop in Global Village, then the Thai Twist is a good start. The mini ride offers a crazy twister with a drop from 17 meters high. Still worth a good shriek.

Sydney Kangaroo

You definitely need to buckle up when you’re on the Sydney Kangaroo. You’ll get a real kick from all the surprise hops on this one.

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