Inside the WeMart fusion store in Deira, Dubai.


Expat Media checks out Dubai’s newest foodie hangout, WeMart


DUBAI – I felt like I left Dubai and landed in Hong Kong as soon as I stepped into WeMart, the new Asian fusion store near the Deira Clock Tower.

The two-storey building just in front of the white pedestrian walkway is an Asian foodie’s haven—with the ground floor serving as a food mart and the upper floor as the Asian specialty supermarket. Just looking at the English and Chinese price tags and signage already got me excited.

The ground floor food court is buzzing with people—mostly Filipinos, Chinese and Koreans. There’s make-your-own-hotpot in one corner, an expansive cooked seafood section, pastries and something I’ve only ever seen in YouTube until now—crawfish, which the saleslady was trying to describe to another curious customer as “mini lobster”.

Expat Media tried the hotpot section, throwing in a medley of sliced beef, fish balls, squid balls, mushrooms, noodles and leafy greens into our tray, which was weighed and priced at Dh36.

The ingredients will be cooked in a vat of broth before they are transferred onto a bowl filled with piping hot broth topped with sauces, chopped garlic and parsley. The wait was around 20 minutes, but definitely worth it. The serving was big enough for three people to share.

Upstairs in the specialty supermarket, I was like a kid in a candy store as I browsed through rows of specialty goodies, including canned tea for less than Dh3 and the cold cuts section where I found my favourite lobster balls snack for around Dh14.

There’s a live seafood section where I found the oddest looking creatures: Chinese hairy crabs, mudcrabs and giant Alaskan king crabs, among others. There’s also a well-stocked section for non-Muslims.

At the fruits and vegetables section, I found durian, the world’s smelliest fruit; dragon fruit and guava. Over at the bread and pastry section, there was a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion on sliced bread for Dh10.50. There was also an entire section for packets of dried food (perhaps we’ll try that another time).

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back.


Tip: Before you spend anything, head to the Customer Service on the first floor to get your free VIP card so you can earn points for every dirham you spend. Just present your Emirates ID to get a card.

WeMart timings

Food court: 7am to 1am
Supermarket: 9am to 1am


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