Umm Al Quwain bans plastic bags, charges 25 fils tariff

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Umm Al Quwain begins ban on single-use plastic bags, shops to charge 25 fils tariff

Umm Al Quwain began a ban on single-use plastic bags on Sunday (January 1) following a decision by the Executive Council.

Shops in the emirate will be required to use paper bags, cloth bags or other biodegradable bags as replacement for single-use plastic bags.

Customers who use single-use plastic bags at shops will pay a tariff of 25 fils for every plastic bag starting January 1 before single-use plastic bags are completely banned in the emirate.

The ban excludes plastic bags designated for medicines in pharmacies, bag rolls for vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, grains and bread.

This is in addition to exempting large shopping bags designed for fashion or electronic gadgets, toys, waste bags of different sizes and types, bags designated for keeping messages, postal parcels or magazines and newspapers. Also excluded are bags designated for transporting plants, flowers and laundry bags.

In Dubai, shops began charging customers 25 fils for each plastic bag starting on July 1 as part of a push to discourage the of plastic bags.

In Abu Dhabi, the ban on plastic bags began on June 1 as part of efforts to reduce pollution and further limit the use of single-plastic products in the emirate.

In Sharjah, plastic bags will be banned in 2024, but until then will be imposing a 25-fil tariff for every single-use plastic bag that is used in stores. ICA/Expat Media

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