UAE: Tinting your car? Know the law to avoid getting fined

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Many motorists are heading to car shops this summer to get car tints for their vehicle in a bid to soften the glare and heat of the summer sun.

If you are planning to tint your car windows, make sure you follow the UAE’s traffic law to avoid the risk of being fined, or in extreme cases, have your car impounded.

So, what does the UAE law say about car tinting? Under the UAE Federal Traffic Law, motorists can tint private light vehicles up to a certain percentage. Taxis and trucks are not allowed to have any window tint at all.

The legal limits for tinting a vehicle is up to 50 percent visible light transmission on the side and rear windows. Front windshields must not have any tinting, although some vehicles come with a factory-installed narrow strip of tinting on the upper part of the windshield, which is permissible, provided that the front windshield maintains a minimum of 70 percent visible light transmission.

Car tints must be in black colour. Any other colour, such as metallic tints, are not allowed. The UAE law also prohibits putting heat insulators on the windshield, or anything that would impede the driver’s vision while driving.

Violations of the UAE’s traffic law on car tinting will result in a fine of Dh1,500 and in extreme cases, impoundment of the vehicle. In Dubai, vehicles that are impounded can only be released to owners once a Dh10,000 fine is paid.

Reasons behind car tinting rules

The UAE has stringent rules to ensure road safety, and authorities want to make sure that drivers have unimpeded visibility while on the road, which is why car tinting is heavily regulated in the country.

Authorities also want motorists to have clear windows as much as possible for safety and security reasons, particularly during routine traffic stops and in emergency cases where responders need to see inside the vehicle to properly assess the situation and provide effective assistance.

Clear windows also act as a deterrent to criminal activities, while darkly tinted windows can raise concerns about potential security risks posed by the individuals inside the vehicle. ICA/Expat Media

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