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UAE police warn e-scooter riders, cyclists against using non-designated lanes


DUBAI – Bicycle and e-scooter riders were given a fresh police advisory regarding the use of the vehicles in public, with Abu Dhabi Police reminding riders to stick to designated lanes.

In a new awareness campaign, the head of Abu Dhabi Police’s Traffic and Patrols Directorate said that riders must follow traffic laws and observe road safety.

It is prohibited to use bicycles and e-scooters on non-designated lanes, Abu Dhabi Police reiterated.

The campaign follows reports of confiscations of bicycles and e-scooters in parts of Abu Dhabi where the riders were found violating traffic rules.

Brigadier General Muhammad Dhahi Al Hamiri explained that in case there are no designated lanes in the area, riders must use side-roads where the speed limit is 20kmph.

Al Hamiri said that on roads with designated lanes for e-scooters or cyclists, riders must stay on the far right-hand side of the road or sidewalks and pavements.

“Any stunts that are dangerous or compromising to riders, pedestrians or any other road user must be completely avoided,” Al Hamiri added.

It is completely prohibited for cyclists or e-scooter riders to hold on to any other vehicle while on the move.

Bicycle and e-scooter riders must give priority to pedestrians and slow down at intersections and crossroads, while keeping a safe distance between themselves, vehicles and pedestrians, Al Hamiri said. They must also wear protective gear, including a helmet and reflective vest.

In Dubai, strict laws on bicycle and e-scooter use are in place, with riders required to apply for an e-scooter permit in order to legally drive the vehicle in designated areas. ICA/Expat Media

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