UAE: Jerome Ponce, Krissha Viaje visit Palengke Supermarket

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Jerome Ponce and Krissha Viaje at Palengke Supermarket in Abu Dhabi. EXPAT MEDIA

On their first visit to the UAE, Jerome Ponce and Krissha Viaje made a couple of stops at Palengke Supermarket in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain on Monday (June 10).

Fresh from their Kalayaan 2024 performance at Dubai World Trade Centre, the onscreen tandem made their way to Al Ain to visit Palengke Supermarket’s outlet. There, the pair was greeted by screaming fans at the Filipino specialty store.

“What can you say about your trip to Al Ain?” a Palengke Supermarket staff asked Jerome, who cheekily replied, “I was asleep on the way here!” The trip from Dubai to Al Ain took nearly two hours but Jerome said in Filipino, “It’s really heartwarming to get to see our fans here and experience their warm welcome.”

Then, the pair was off to Palengke Supermarket in Abu Dhabi where fans have been waiting for them for an hour. There, the duo thrilled the crowd as they shared a specially designed cake prepared by Palengke Supermarket staff. “I wasn’t informed there was going to be a wedding!” a fan quipped in the crowd.

Before leaving, the onscreen tandem, dubbed KrisshRome by fans, indulged fans by signing posters and other memorabilia. The store visits were facilitated by Expat Media Solutions.

This was the first time for the “Sem Break” stars to visit the UAE. They rose to fame after their love team first clicked in Viva One’s romance drama, “Safe Skies, Archer”. Their latest project, Sem Break, is a horror-drama series streaming on Viva One. ICA/Expat Media


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