UAE golden visa holders have exemptions for work permits, job contracts

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Job contract exemptions for UAE golden visa holders

Work permits and job contract exemptions are given to UAE golden visa holders and privileged to avoid possible employment bans if their performance is low.

The responsibilities of an employer and a regular employee or golden visa holder are similar. However, if an employee does not perform well during the probationary period, they can avoid termination of an employment contract.

What are other job-related exemptions for UAE golden visa holders?

— The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has the authority to exclude golden visa holders from the requirement to get a work permit.
— A golden visa holder may not be granted a new work permit if he terminates the employment contract during the probationary period without fulfilling the conditions.
— If an employee with a golden visa terminates an employment contract without a valid reason, another employer may still grant the employee a new work permit without the risk of a one-year employment ban.
— A golden visa holder will still be granted another work permit for one year from the date of absence from work if they cease working for an invalid reason before the end of the contract term.

What are the similarities between a golden visa holder and a regular employee?

Gratuity for employees with Golden Visas is calculated the same way as for employees with regular employment visas. If employed continuously for under five years, an employee is entitled to 21 days of basic salary as gratuity. After more than five years of continuous service, they are entitled to 30 days of basic income. KD/Expat Media

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