UAE extradites tax fraud suspect Sanjay Shah from Dubai to Denmark

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Tax fraud suspect Sanjay Shah (inset). ARCHIVE

UAE authorities extradited tax fraud suspect Sanjay Shah from Dubai to Denmark on Wednesday (December 6), state news agency WAM reported.

Shah is wanted in Denmark for cases of tax fraud worth over $1.7 billion and money laundering. The tax fraud case is the biggest in Denmark to date.

The British national was extradited to Denmark’s security mission. The extradition was based on a decision by the Court of Cassation in Dubai, and a resolution by the Minister of Justice, who approved the extradition. The UAE and Denmark have an extradition agreement.

Shah was arrested in Dubai last year after he was wanted by Danish authorities for being involved in a scheme in which foreign businesses pretended to own shares in Danish companies and falsely claim tax refunds.

Shah’s arrest in Dubai took two years of work by UAE authorities and their Danish counterparts, the UAE Minister of Justice said.

According to Dubai Police, Shah is suspected of masterminding tax fraud, known as “cum-ex” trading, which involved submitting more thousands of applications to the Danish Treasury on behalf of investors and companies from several countries around the world in order to receive dividend tax refunds. ICA/Expat Media

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