UAE: Up to Dh1 million fine, jail time for revealing confidential company info

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Up to Dh1M fine for revealing company secrets

Employees in the UAE who reveal confidential company information can get fined up to Dh1 million and also jailed.

According to Galadari Associates and Legal Consultants, leaking confidential company information can lead to loss of profit and other damages. Companies can file a civil lawsuit against employees who share trade secrets.

Violators face at least one year in jail and a minimum fine of Dh20,000, which can go up to Dh1 million depending on the severity of the case.

Employment contracts in the UAE usually include a clause on confidentiality, which prevents employees from sharing confidential information regarding the company.

The confidentiality clause also applies even after the employee’s contract of employment has ended. ICA/Expat Media

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