Sharjah trial: Tenant who damaged villa ordered to pay Dh22,640

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An Arab tenant who damaged a rented villa has been ordered by the Sharjah Court to pay the villa owner Dh22,640 as compensation for damages.

The Arab had rented the villa for more than a year until the tenancy contract expired last January. When the tenant vacated the villa, the owner, also Arab, found out that the tenant made significant damages to the property due to misuse.

The owner filed a civil case against the tenant and also approached the Rental Disputes Centre to appoint an expert to determine the scale of the maintenance work and its approximate cost.

An engineering expert who inspected the property reported that the property was misused and would require maintenance work worth Dh17,640. The expect also estimated that the work would take at least ten days.

Based on the report, the Sharjah Court ruled in favour of the villa owner and ordered the Arab tenant to pay compensation of Dh22,640. ICA/Expat Media

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