Sharjah Blue Souk to undergo makeover

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The Central Souq in Sharjah.

Iconic landmark in Sharjah to get makeover

Sharjah’s Central Souq, more popularly called the Blue Souk, will undergo a massive makeover, according to the Sharjah City Municipality.

The municipality said that the ambitious renovation plan is dedicated to preserving the historic site and Sharjah’s cultural gem, which is also featured on the five dirham note.

Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, Director General of Sharjah City Municipality, said the renovation will enhance service facilities at the souq while ensuring that the building is preserved.

Al Tunaiji said the renovation work include extensive architectural, civil, and electromechanical work, repainting all internal and external walls, and renewing the glass and wrought iron on the windows. “We are also addressing structural issues, including the repair and reorganisation of rainwater drainage systems,” he added.

The Sharjah Central Souq was opened in 1978 . It’s popularly called the Blue Souk because of its blue-tiled façade. The two-level souq has two main wings connected by bridges with views of the Khalid Lagoon on one side and the King Faisal Street on another.

The Central Souq sits on 80,000sqm of space and has around 600 shops. One wing houses shops for gold and silver, while the other wing is for textile and carpet shops. ICA/Expat Media

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