A Filipina jobseeker said she was nearly scammed by a fraudster.


Recruiter asked me to send indecent photo, says Dubai jobseeker


DUBAI – A 35-year-old Filipina jobseeker in Dubai raised alarm over a recent job scam after she was asked by a fraudster posing as a recruiter to send an indecent photo as part of a so-called interview.

R.M. (full name withheld) told that the incident unfolded after she responded to a job posting on Dubizzle about cabin crew vacancies in Emirates airline. She sent her CV to a Gmail account indicated in the post.

Emirates has repeatedly reminded the public against fraudsters who use its name to dupe jobseekers, adding that Emirates Group will only send emails through its official accounts ending with

“After I sent my CV, I received an email from a certain Julia Miran who said I had been shortlisted for the job. Shortly after that, a certain ‘Tim Clark’ immediately reached out to me on WhatsApp,” she told

“He said that as part of the assessment test, I had to send a picture of myself wearing only a t-shirt and nude stockings,” the jobseeker said.

She initially sent him a photo of herself in office wear. “He then sent me a photo of a woman wearing only her t-shirt, underwear and black stockings and told me to send a similar photo,” R.M. said, adding that she feared the photo was from a recent victim.

Sensing that she was being scammed, the Filipina replied that she was reporting the incident to the police.

“He mocked me and said, ‘Go now, don’t be late’ and then blocked me,” she said.

R.M., who initially posted the story of her encounter on a Facebook jobs group, said she was telling her story to “warn other jobseekers to be wary of scammers”.

She said that it was her first encounter with a job scammer in her last ten years in Dubai. She advised jobseekers to “think first, do your research and ask the opinion of friends and experts” to avoid dubious job posts. PIA/Expat Media

How to spot a job scam

Here are warning signs of a recruitment scam:

  • You are asked to provide bank account details or credit card details
  • The email used is not a company email
  • You are asked to pay fees
  • You are given a job offer without meeting the company representative
  • The company doesn’t have an office


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