No videos or photos inside Dubai Metro: Here’s why

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Dubai Metro users reported on Monday (April 22) that they were reminded by Dubai Police officers and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) personnel that taking photos or videos inside the metro station or trains is prohibited.

“Police and RTA personnel at the station this morning approached people who took photos or videos to stop doing so,” a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told Expat Media.

This came as the RTA issued an advisory on Monday urging commuters to avoid using the Dubai Metro during peak hours, as the popular transport continued to be affected by disruptions following last week’s adverse weather conditions.

What does the UAE law say?

The law banning individuals from taking photos or videos inside the Dubai Metro and other public facilities is not new, and is part of the UAE’s federal decree laws on privacy and combating cybercrimes.

For privacy as well as security reasons, taking photos or videos inside metro stations or trains is generally prohibited, along with causing a disturbance or inconvenience in any way to users of public transport and public facilities and services. Violators face a fine of Dh100.

The RTA previously clarified this law when it launched a photo competition featuring the public’s use of the Dubai Metro, urging participants to “adhere to prescribed terms and conditions, especially with regards to passengers’ privacy on board public transport means.”

The Dubai Police has continuously advised people to “refrain from filming or taking pictures of others without their permission.” The UAE law prohibits the invasion of a person’s privacy by taking photos or videos of people, or posting such photos or videos without their permission. Police or individuals may seek legal sanctions against violators in some circumstances. In this case, the maximum penalty for violators is jail time of not less than six months, and a fine of between Dh150,000 and Dh500,000. ICA/Expat Media

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