Manny Pacquiao comeback bout in Abu Dhabi?

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The Dubai Metro fare will save you a lot of money compared to travelling on a taxi, but make sure you know the do’s and don’ts first to avoid running a hefty fine.

Here is a list of things you probably did not know could get you in big trouble:

10. Picking a fight at the station or on the train. Causing a public disturbance will earn you a fine of AED100 and quite possibly some scratches or a black eye (not to mention the dent to your ego).

9. Putting your feet up on the seats. Seriously, where are your manners? If you don’t know this is rude, then at least know that if you do this on the Metro you’ll be fined AED100.

8. Hanging out at Metro stations. Standing or sitting in non-passenger areas is not allowed and if you are caught, better get your AED100 ready.

7. Using Dubai Metro parking areas as your personal parking spot. Parking your vehicle in areas designated for metro users for more than 24 hours will earn you a fine of AED100 per day and up to AED1,000.

6. Hide those kakanins and don’t even think about passing around those leaflets. Selling or promoting goods and commodities on the train or at the station is prohibited. Offenders will be fined AED200.

5. Ignoring inspectors or instructions of authorized Roads and Transport Authority personnel. They are just doing their job so treat them with courtesy (unless you think they’re being unnecessarily rude, then file a complaint because courtesy goes both ways). There’s a AED200 price tag for your snub.

4. Sleeping. Yes, if you’re caught in the land of nod on the train or anywhere at the Metro station, then you are sure to wake up to a fine of AED300.

3. Using a fake card. Forging a card may cost you nothing, except probably your conscience, your honor and a very genuine AED500 when you are caught.

2. Packing up a survival kit for The Walking Dead. Yes, you will need those weapons or sharp objects just in case a horde of zombies come running your way, but you don’t need them on the Metro. Unless you want to get fined a hefty AED1,000.

1. Dressing in drag. Two cross-dressing Filipinos were caught by police at a Dubai Metro station. The duo were jailed for a month and then deported. Don’t let this happen to you.

Manny Pacquiao comeback bout in Abu Dhabi?

Retired boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is reportedly making a comeback, with Abu Dhabi as a potential host for his next match.

Talks are rife that Pacquiao in in talks for a possible fight with Conor Benn in the UAE capital on June 3. Pacquiao’s camp has yet to issue a statement.

Pacquiao, who retired in August 2021, was last seen in a charity bout against YouTuber and South Korean kickboxer DK Yoo last December.

MP Promotions president Sean Gibbons told ESPN on Wednesday that Pacquiao “wants to fight again and feels like he can do it at the highest level.”

Gibbons said the 44-year-old Pacquiao agreed to fight Benn, a 26-year-old unbeaten welterweight. The proposal was from Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn.

Hearn, meanwhile, said an official announcement will be made soon. He also said that the bout is likely to take place in the Middle East or the United States. ICA/Expat Media

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