Kylie Verzosa in Dubai: Elevator movie a ‘labour of love’

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Kylie Verzosa at the global premiere of Elevator in Star Cinemas, Al Ghurair Centre in Dubai on May 10, 2024.

Kylie Verzosa described her movie, “Elevator,” as a “labour of love” as the actress attended the global premiere of the romantic drama in Dubai on Friday (May 10).

“To be honest, this means so much to me because it means a lot to the OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) and you’ll see in the film the things [that you have gone through, that you can relate to],” Kylie told the crowd at Star Cinemas in Al Ghurair Centre.

“I really hope you enjoy the film. It’s a labour of love,” said the actress, who stars alongside Paulo Avelino in the romantic film. In “Elevator,” Kylie plays the character, Bettina, a career-driven woman working in Singapore where many scenes in the movie was shot late last year.

“I learned a lot from Bettina that I adopted as Kylie, and vice versa,” Kylie said in Filipino. In a previous interview, she said that she relates to Bettina because like her character she is “very career-oriented, very driven”. “She’s your modern Pinay. Her goal in life is to become her best self and work for her goals,” she said.

In the movie, Bettina’s views in life slowly change after she meets Jared (played by Paulo), a carefree elevator boy who wants to help expats with his life-changing app. Bettina is later torn between choosing love or her career.

Elevator is the second film starring Kylie and Paulo. They were previously cast in the 2018 romantic drama “Kasal”, Kylie’s first movie. “Elevator” is co-produced by Viva Films and Rein Entertainment and is directed by Philip King, who also wrote the script as a tribute to his grandfather, a migrant worker from China. ICA/Expat Media

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