Jacquie Aiche: Accidental jewellery designer who wowed Rihanna

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Jacquie Aiche is a jewellery designer based in Los Angeles, US. SUPPLIED

Since Rihanna raved about her trademark finger bracelet in 2009, demand has skyrocketed for Jacquie Aiche’s jewellery collection.

The designer of her self-titled jewellery brand, Jacquie Aiche, talks about her passion for creating beautiful pieces adored by A-Listers.

Growing up, Jacquie would collect beautiful ornate rocks, feeling a deep sense of connection to their healing powers. Raised in a multicultural home to both Egyptian and American parents, Jacquie explains that her blended cultural heritage has deeply influenced the signature aesthetics of her designs. The merging of Native American turquoise relics, fossils and precious gemstones, with the Middle Eastern nuances of hammered gold, amulets and goddess imagery, is what drives her design philosophy. Jacquie’s designs, much like her, are the embodiment of ethereal ease with a flash of rebellion.

She speaks of the early days, “When I started the collection, it was just a hobby. I always told people I wasn’t a designer.” Jacquie explains that her sole intention for the brand was to evoke a spiritual connection between the jewellery and modern wearer: “I create for those who adore to be adorned. Lovers of precious stones, believers in the energy of minerals. Women who live for their diamond details and sensual layers”.

Where did it all begin?

In 2007, Jacquie was managing a boutique clothing store on Sunset Plaza in LA, where she says she became frustrated with the limited styles of fine jewellery available. She began creating, out of her garage, her own line of eclectic pieces.

Jacquie can often be found traipsing barefoot through her Beverly Hills showroom, the neighbourhood where she grew up and still lives today, tending to her enchanted gardens, or carousing with the brand’s celebrity clientele.

In 2011, Aiche designed a one-off bespoke engagement ring for then-fiance of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen. “The engagement rings come from the same place as all my jewelry—I like bringing people joy and making them happy” she says.

Her jewellery can be bought online at jacquieaiche.com and in over 40 retailers across the world. ICA/Expat Media

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