Israeli killed in attack in Dubai Business Bay café, 8 Israelis arrested

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“The suspects in the fatal stabbing of an Israeli in Dubai’s Business Bay area. DUBAI POLICE

A 33-year-old Israeli man was killed after he was attacked by eight Israelis at a café in Dubai’s Business Bay area, according to Dubai Police on Thursday (May 25).

Police identified the victim as Ghassan Shamsyeh. He was stabbed with a sharp object, police said.

Police said the eight suspects in the fatal attack have been arrested within 24 hours. Two of the suspects were arrested within three hours from the time of the incident, police said.

Police identified the suspects as Hassan Yajori, Sameh Robai, Saleem Rabiah, Mahomod Rabiah, Tal Zisler, Rani Quwaish, Abdulla Johar and Mahomoud Al Shaikh.

The suspects arrived in Dubai from a European country for tourism and shopping and were walking in the Business Bay area when they encountered the victim in a café.

A “confrontation and mutual assault” ensued, which eventually resulted in the death of the victim. Police said that the deadly attack “stemmed from an ongoing dispute between two families”.

The suspects and the victim had a family dispute in Israel that resulted in the murder of a 24-year-old man in May 6, according to Dubai Police, adding that the incident in Dubai was an implication of the family dispute.

The suspects have been referred to the public prosecution and they are expected to face legal action. ICA/Expat Media

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