Indian cleaner in Dubai wins Dh35,000 for second time in Dream Draw

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Abusalkhan Saheed won Dh35,000 after buying a Dh5 ticket from Dream Draw. EXPAT MEDIA

An Indian cleaner in Dubai has won another Dh35,000 in Dream Draw after he bought a Dh5 keychain that gave him free entry to the daily draw.

“I am so happy I won another Dh35,000 today,” Abusalkhan Saheed told Expat Media on Friday (June 7), adding that he bought his winning entry through a grocery store in Deira.

Saheed shared that he will be sharing the prize with seven other friends who helped buy their entries to the draw. He said that he and his friends have won minor prizes ranging from Dh1,000 to Dh3,000 in the last four months before hitting their first Dh35,000 jackpot a few months ago.

The Indian expat, who earns Dh1,000 per month as a company cleaner in Dubai, said his group has been pooling their money to enter the daily draws. Their favourite is the Mega 4 draw out of five different daily draws in Dream Draw.

“We pick many four-number combinations per day. Luckily, we always win, so we double the money we spend,” said the serial winner.

The Indian expat said he bought a piece of land with the first Dh35,000 that he won, and that with his latest winnings, he will be investing part of it to build a home for his family in India.

“Winning in Dream Draw is one hundred percent real, and I am hoping to win the next big prize of Dh300,000,” he said.

Participants can download the Dream Draw app on Google Play or head to partner grocery stores in the UAE for a chance to win. Draws are held every 11pm daily. ICA/Expat Media

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