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Domestic helper alleges verbal abuse, maltreatment whenever she makes mistakes


KUWAIT – A Filipina who entered this Middle Eastern country using a fake passport and landed a job as a domestic helper was injured after trying to flee from an alleged abusive employer.

The Kuwait Times newspaper reported that Malaiha Omar, 17, from Datu Sinsuat village in Cotabato province, landed in the hospital after jumping from the sixth floor of the building where her employer stayed when the latter threatened to call the police for stealing 110 Kuwaiti dinars (KD) from him.

She fractured a leg and sustained injury in her left eye as a result of the fall. She is confined at the Mubarak Hospital in Kuwait.

Omar admitted in an interview with the Kuwaiti daily that she stole the money.

And that’s not all, she also said that she used a passport that had a different age and name – 24-year-old Rahima.

She said she got the counterfeit passport from a recruiter in her home province, Omar arrived arrived in Kuwait in August last year and then started working.

She however accused her employer of maltreatment by hitting her with a belt and didn’t have a problem until her employer discovered that she had stolen 110 KD when he was looking for a pair of pants.

Omar said she accidentally burned the pants while ironing it and hid it in her cabinet. Her employer found the pants in the cabinet and also discovered the money.

After being caught stealing, Omar said she still being paid her wages but claimed she was mistreated often by her employer. She also said her employer who would not let her take a day off or leave the house.

“Only small mistakes, but they would shout at me and hit me in the face. I know how angry they could be. When they said that they are calling (the) police, I was terribly scared. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to be arrested, so I jumped from the sixth floor,” she said.

A Philippine Daily Inquirer report quoted Omar’s recruitment agency as having told the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait that Omar would not sue her employer “because it was her fault.”

Omar could not be pardoned by her employer as she faces attempted suicide charges filed by the Kuwaiti police. GAC/Expat Media


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