Human trafficking: Filipinos in UAE warned of fake job offers

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Filipinos in UAE warned of illegal recruitment leading to human trafficking

Filipinos in the UAE have been warned against purported job offers in certain Southeast Asian countries amid the rise of human trafficking incidents.

“Filipinos who fell victim to these illegal recruitment schemes, mainly through social media, were offered call center jobs in said countries but ended up being detained in their living quarters, forced to scam people online, and had their passports and mobile phones confiscated. They are prevented from leaving the campsite or resign unless they pay their employer a significant amount of money,” according to the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai in a joint advisory.

The missions did not mention which Asian countries were being used by illegal recruiters to lure unsuspecting victims, but the Department of Migrant Workers in the Philippines reported receiving complaints from human trafficking victims in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar last year.

“Filipinos in the UAE are encouraged to deal only with licensed Philippine Recruitment Agencies with valid POEA-approved job orders to any country to avoid falling victim to human trafficking schemes,” according to the Philippine Embassy and Philippine Consulate General. KD/Expat Media

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