Laura Whaley is a social media influencer.


How do you professionally say

Have you ever wondered how to “professionally” say things like “This isn’t in my job description”?

The answer is with Laura Whaley, a social media star who has set TikTok and Instagram abuzz with her video clips that show how to “professionally” set boundaries at work, and even throw shade!

The job expert shows how to say the things we’re all thinking at work – but politely. Whaley says she started posting videos during the pandemic to help her virtual work besties turn catty comments into diplomatic deliveries. She says it helps people communicate their frustrations at work while helping them to maintain their verbal poise. Here are of some of her best lines.

That sounds like your problem.

I understand that falls within your scope of responsibility, but I am happy to support where it makes sense.

Stay in your lane.

Thanks for your input. I will keep that in mind.

I want a raise.

Can we set aside some time to discuss a compensation review?

I’m not staying late to deal with this.

My work day ends at 5pm but I will prioritize this first thing tomorrow.

Can you make a decision already?

When can I expect your decision on this?

I totally forgot about your email.

Thank you for your patience.

I hate to bother you but…

Whenever you have a few moments, I would like to discuss something with you.

I told you so

I did previously note that this was a likely outcome. How do you plan to resolve this?

You are not my boss

I can look at prioritizing this behind my assigned responsibilities, however I cannot commit to a timeline as my workload is dictated by [insert name]

Stop ignoring my email.

I understand this is a busy time and if it is easier for you to jump on a call, I am happy to set up some time in order to get this resolved.

This might sound silly but…

Here’s something to consider…


Sorry, I have already committed to something else. I hope you understand.

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