Dubai court upholds jail verdict for woman who stabbed ex-boyfriend’s wife

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The Dubai Court of Appeal has upheld a verdict for an Asian woman who stabbed the wife of her ex-boyfriend.

The woman will serve two years in jail and will be deported for attempted murder. The court also ordered a separate civil lawsuit to be filed against the woman.

The case dates back to October last year when the woman attempted to kill her ex-boyfriend’s wife when the former visited their house in Al Qusais.

According to investigation, the assailant was the man’s relative whom he had a 15-year affair. On the day of the incident, she allegedly insisted on visiting him at his home to discuss their relationship.

The man refused, but she still came to his house after an hour where she met the man’s wife whom she later stabbed with a knife hidden in her handbag.

The victim said that the woman tried to talk to her, but that when she refused to listen, the latter hugged her before stabbing her in front of her husband and daughter.

The husband was able to stop the assailant and call police. An ambulance took his injured wife to the hospital. ICA/Expat Media

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