At the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi.


Filipino florist faces death penalty in Abu Dhabi as court upholds murder verdict


DUBAI – A Filipino florist who stabbed a man to death and injured another is facing the death penalty after the Federal Supreme Court upheld the verdict in the murder case.

The case of Rolando B (full name withheld) dates back to February 2015 when he stabbed the two victims during an altercation at a neighbour’s home. The Filipino claimed he attacked the two men in self-defence.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court found him guilty of murder and imposed a death sentence. The verdict was upheld by the Federal Supreme Court last week.

Rolando, 37, told prosecutors that the incident happened after his Filipina neighbour invited him with his baby boy into her apartment in Abu Dhabi.

He claimed that the woman’s boyfriend and two other men arrived at the apartment and beat him, and then took his son.

According to records, he then went to his apartment to grab a knife that he used to stab the men. In court, the Filipino denied that he intended to kill the victims.

Rolando’s baby was later found in the elevator with one of the men who allegedly attacked him. The boy, now 6 years old, is currently living in the Philippines.

Rolando’s family and friends are asking for a reprieve, saying he only attacked the men in self-defence. His wife has reportedly asked Philippine officials for any assistance in the case. ICA/Expat Media

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