Exes and moving on: Why you don’t win anything with hate


Lately I’ve been seeing posts saying, “If your ex blocks you, you won”.

Won what? What exactly did you win? What exactly did you gain by making someone hate you enough to completely remove you from his or her life? I don’t get this way of thinking.

Mature relationships do not end in hate. Mature relationships end because two people have accepted the fact that they are just not meant to be. They look at each other with gratitude for the lessons they’ve both learned and for the love, memories, and experience they have shared.

Exes can even become great friends. They know you better than most people after all. It just takes acceptance and understanding.

Love is not a competition. It doesn’t keep track.

If your ex hates you, you didn’t win anything. You just lost someone who once cared about and loved you, not to mention complete peace of mind.

So quit the immaturity.

It’s better to live life knowing that no one hates you than to live each day knowing that someone out there despises your very existence.

Understand. Accept. Learn.


Macky Buenaventura is a non-professional writer who writes to express his thoughts and feelings on certain matters. His goal is to express and influence. Follow him on Facebook 


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