Dubai: Company ordered to pay Dh200,000 to employee over false case that led to travel ban

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Dubai: False case victim to get Dh200k compensation

A company in Dubai has lost a civil lawsuit and has been ordered to pay Dh200,000 as compensation to an employee who received a travel ban after he was wrongly accused of forging his contract.

The Dubai Civil Court found the company guilty of filing a false case that led to a 9-month travel ban for the employee. The judge said that due to the company’s actions, the employee suffered emotional distress and financial losses, including the inability to find employment due to the criminal case against him.

The company had reported to police that the employee faked his employment contract to increase his basic salary to Dh20,000 instead of Dh5,000. This led to a criminal case against him and a travel ban.

The employee then sued the company for Dh500,000 in damages, saying that the company filed a false case against him so he would waive his labour entitlements.

The employee said that because of the travel ban imposed following the false case against him, he was not able to travel to visit his sick mother, who later died, as well as attend her burial.

In court, the judge acquitted the employee and ruled that the company owners maliciously filed the complaint to force him to waive his entitlements under the labour law.

The court ordered the company to pay the employee a compensation of Dh200,000 with five percent legal interest. The company will also pay for all the court fees and lawyer’s fees. ICA/Expat Media

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