Dubai: Two sentenced to jail, fined Dh165,000 for stealing money from garbage can

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Two sentenced to jail, fined Dh165,000 for stealing Dh815,000 from garbage can

After stealing Dh815,000 from a garbage can in a villa in Dubai, two maintenance workers were sentenced to imprisonment and fined Dh165,000.

The Dubai Court of First Instance ruled that the maintenance workers will serve three months in jail. They will be deported after serving their jail terms.

In the records, an Arab woman said that her money, which she had stashed in a garbage can on her villa’s terrace, had been taken while she was on vacation.

Upon investigating the crime, the police found from surveillance camera footage that two AC maintenance workers who entered the property had stolen the money.

Identified and arrested, the first worker confirmed that they found Dh815,000 in the garbage can, which they agreed to divide. He claimed that he gave Dh345,000 to his family living outside the country, while the second worker wired Dh322,000. The authorities, however, were able to track and recover the stolen money. RZSP/Expat Media

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