Dubai: Residents evacuated as building tilts after flood damage

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The flood-damaged building in Dubai’s Muhaisnah 4 area. SUPPLIED

Residents have been evacuated from a residential building in Dubai after it tilted due to flooding damage.

As of Monday (April 22), families have yet to return to the building in Muhaisnah 4 after they were forced to evacuate on Friday (April 19) by Dubai Civil Defence due to safety concerns. Some have moved to nearby hotel apartments, while others have sought shelter in the homes of friends or relatives.

“It may take some time to fix so we are now looking for long-term alternative housing,” a resident said.

More than 100 families in the 108-apartment building were evacuated when it cracked on one side and started to tilt slightly. The building’s basement has been flooded in the last six days following heavy rain that hit Dubai and other emirates on April 16.

Residents said they felt a jolt similar to an earthquake at around 8:30pm on Friday when the side of the building cracked. Dubai Civil Defence ordered them to quickly evacuate. The building has been cordoned off.

Meanwhile, building management has been working for days to clear the flooded basement parking areas. Residents whose cars were parked in Basement 2 have reportedly not been allowed to retrieve their vehicles due to persistent flooding.

Residents said they were only allowed to retrieve some of their belongings while Dubai Civil Defence authorities and workers worked round-the-clock to try to repair the building.

On Saturday (April 20), Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ordered all property developers and property management companies in Dubai to provide free home repairs as well as alternative housing to all residents affected by last week’s adverse weather conditions. ICA/Expat Media

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