Dubai Mall to charge up to Dh1,000 per day when paid parking starts on July 1

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Dubai Mall to begin paid parking on July 1 with fees between Dh20 to Dh1,000

Dubai Mall management announced on Wednesday (June 19) that paid parking will be rolled out in the biggest mall in Dubai starting on July 1, with fees of up to Dh1,000 per day.

Salik Company will manage Dubai Mall’s paid parking scheme, which applies to its Grand Parking, Cinema Parking, and Fashion Parking areas. Dubai Mall’s Zabeel and Fountain Views parking areas will remain free for visitors.

During weekdays, motorists will have free parking for the first four hours and will be charged between Dh20 and up to Dh1,000.

During weekends, parking will be free for the first six hours, thereafter the parking fee will be Dh80 up to Dh1,000. Here are the parking fees:


0-4 hours: Free
4-5 hours: Dh20
5-6 hours: Dh60
6-7 hours: Dh80
7-8 hours: Dh100
8 hours: Dh200
12 hours: Dh500
24 hours: Dh1,000


0-6 hours: Free
6-7 hours: Dh80
7-8 hours: Dh100
8 hours: 200
12 hours: 500
24 hours: Dh1,000

The parking fees will be collected automatically for ticketless parking. Fees will be charged using vehicle plate recognition, the same system used for tracking tags by Salik.

A smart camera will capture the plate number as the vehicle enters the parking floor and will record the entry time. At the exit, the smart camera will again scan the plate number and the system will calculate the parking time. Fees will be deducted from the Salik user account.

Those exempted from parking fees are people of determination, public service providers, including police, ambulance, emergency response vehicles, Civil Defense, and valet drop-offs. ICA/Expat Media

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