Dubai: Jack Fowler says he almost died after allergic reaction on Emirates flight

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Jack Fowler breathes from a tank of oxygen on his Emirates flight to Dubai.

Love Island star Jack Fowler said he almost died after developing an allergic reaction on an Emirates flight to Dubai.

In an Instagram post, Fowler said his ordeal began after he ate chicken curry on the flight. He said that he informed the flight attendant about his allergy to nuts, and was assured that his meal did not contain nuts.

“I was told that there were no nuts in the chicken curry. Only when my friend demanded to see the food menu, I realised that it was a creamy cashew nut chicken curry,” he said.

Fowler had difficulty breathing as his allergy flared. “My throat closed up and breathing became extremely difficult,” he recounted. “This left me with the real possibility of dying on the plane as I knew I needed emergency treatment immediately,” he said, “I was given five tanks of oxygen, as well as administering my EpiPen (adrenaline pen).”

“I told the flight supervisor ‘If you don’t land this plane soon, I will die on this plane’. This then lead to the pilot speeding up the journey,” he added.

The star said he was rushed to a hospital in Dubai for treatment as soon as the plane landed in the emirate. He called out Emirates airline for its “complete negligence” and urged other airlines to “take note” of the incident. “We board your flights and trust the cabin crew to aid us in a safe flight. Take more care,” he said.

A spokesperson for Emirates has apologised for Fowler’s experience and said “the safety and health of our customers is taken very seriously”.

“While Emirates aims to cater to customers with specific needs by offering a variety of special meals that cover medical, dietary, and religious requirements, we cannot guarantee a nut-free inflight environment,” according to Emirates in a statement. “We urge travellers with dietary or other medical requirements to check our website and consult their doctor before travel.”

An Emirates spokesperson said “teams on the ground are providing him with all possible assistance.” ICA/Expa Media

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