Dubai court upholds jail verdict for 4 who set vehicles on fire in Jebel Ali

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The Dubai Appellate Court upheld a verdict sentencing four Asian men to jail for setting fire to vehicles in Jebel Ali.

Dubai’s Court of First Instance had sentenced the group to six months in jail for setting fire to two vehicles owned by Africans.  The group will be deported after serving their jail term.

The case dates back to March 2023 when an African man alerted police that his vehicle and another bus have been set on fire in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area. The fire was put out by Dubai Civil Defence. There were no casualties reported.

Police were able to track down and arrest the suspects. During interrogation, one of the suspects confessed that he set fire to the vehicles due to their bootlegging gang’s dispute on illegal alcohol sales.

He claimed that the group’s leader ordered him to set fire to the Africans for encroaching on their self-declared territory in Jebel Ali Industrial Area where the groups sold alcohol without a permit. ICA/Expat Media

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