Dubai: Indian expat wins Dh1 million, Pakistani gets gold coins in Mahzooz draw

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Indian expat Venkata (R) and Muahmmed from Pakistan are the latest winners in Mahzooz.

Dubai: Indian expat wins Dh1 million, Pakistani gets gold coins in Mahzooz draw

An Indian expatriate won Dh1 million while a Pakistani man won gold coins worth Dh50, 000, in the most recent Mahzooz lucky draw in Dubai.

Venkata became Mahzooz’s 56th millionaire after winning Dh1 million in the raffle draw. The Indian expat had a run of luck because he previously won the third prize of Dh250 after matching three out of five numbers during the 140th draw.

Muhammad from Pakistan was awarded Dh50,000 in gold coins as part of the five-week long Golden Summer Draws.

For the past 13 years that he has lived in the UAE, Venkata has been supporting his wife and four children by living simply and working hard as a porter for one of the well-known supermarket companies in the country. His commitment and persistence finally paid off when Mahzooz called him early this week to inform him of his victory. “This is for sure a moment I have never experienced before. This is the first time in my life that I have won such a substantial amount of money. I am very thankful to Mahzooz and proud of myself for not giving up when I didn’t win the first few times,” he said.

Venkata’s path to this transformative win started nearly a decade ago when he decided to join in the Mahzooz draws, hoping for a shot at destiny.

He plans to use the prize money to settle his home loan in India, easing the financial constraints on his family. MFD/Expat Media

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