Dragonflies outside Dubai Metro stations, malls: residents report increased sightings

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Dragonflies spotted outside a building in Business Bay, Dubai. ILIYYA/REDDIT

Dubai residents have reported more sightings of dragonflies in several areas across the city, including outside Dubai Metro stations and malls.

Speaking to Expat Media, International City resident Rahul (full name withheld) reported spotting dragonflies. “I was walking to the parking area when I saw a dragonfly flying past and landing on my car. My second time to see it for years in International City. After the recent rains, there were flies and mosquitos around, so I am glad to see them replaced with dragonflies now,” Rahul said.

In Business Bay, Reddit user iliyya posted photos of dragonflies outside his apartment window. “They say sighting a dragonfly is a good omen. I saw plenty today!” iliyya said.

Indeed, the sightings can be considered a good sign, with experts saying that dragonflies are natural predators of mosquitos and smaller flying insects and are an effective, environment-friendly solution to eradicating mosquitos without the need for pesticides.

The arrival of dragonflies in Dubai came as UAE authorities intensified a campaign to eradicate a surge in mosquito numbers and mosquito breeding sites following the April 16 rainfall that sparked widespread flooding in Dubai and the rest of the emirates.

Reddit user ozozometer reported seeing “a crazy amount of” dragonflies at Jebel Ali Metro station. “All of a sudden, the mayflies are gone and hundreds of dragonflies have replaced them. So many,” another user wrote.

Steffan, a Dubai resident, reported spotting dragonflies “from Last Exit all the way to Ibn Battuta, there are literally millions of them along with mosquitoes.” Steffan said the area still has many water puddles.

Reddit user Impressive Cable reported the same observation. “Just visited Ibn Battuta Mall yesterday and there are swarms of dragonflies outside.”

“Since the flood happened a lot of mosquitoes pestered the local parks and my colleagues confirm this as well in their areas,” the user said, asking if the dragonflies were released as part of efforts to eradicate mosquitos and their breeding grounds.

Last week, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment said it is continuing the UAE’s anti-mosquito campaign until May 2025 and has set up mosquito traps equipped with sensors, cameras and attractants that can monitor and capture mosquitos. Drones were also deployed to help identify potential mosquito breeding sites, according to the ministry. The authority urged the public to help by reporting mosquito sightings and potential mosquito breeding sites to the hotline 8003050. ICA/Expat Media

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