Report mosquito sightings, breeding sites, UAE residents told

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Officials of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment during an inspection.

UAE authorities are stepping up efforts to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, with residents urged to report mosquito sightings.

According to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, there has been an increase in reports of mosquito sightings following the record rainfall in April and heavy rain earlier this month.

Residents can call 8003050 to report mosquito sightings, and also alert authorities of areas where there is stagnant water.

Othaibah Saeed Al Qaydi, director of Municipal Affairs Department at the ministry, said that stagnant water as well as water puddles can become breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Al Qaydi said that the ministry has set up mosquito traps equipped with sensors, cameras and attractants that can monitor and capture mosquitos. Drones are also being deployed to help identify potential mosquito breeding sites.

The ministry also urged the public to join the government’s mosquito control efforts by getting rid of any stagnant water in their homes or residences. The UAE’s anti-mosquito campaign is expected to continue until May 2025. ICA/Expat Media

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